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Emergency Response Team

In this Section
Anthony G. Collins, campus ext. 6444
Emergency Coordinator:
Campus Safety & Security ext. 6666; 315-268-6666
Charles Thorpe, campus ext. 6738
University Outreach and Student Affairs:
Brian Grant, campus ext. 6463
Alternate: Jeffrey Taylor, campus ext. 6477
Dean of Students
James Pittman, campus ext. 6620
Alternate: Tamera Rizk, campus ext. 6680
Director of Campus Safety:
David Delisle, campus ext. 6666
Alternate: Carol Huckle, campus ext. 6666

Human Resources:
Suong Ives, campus ext. 7791
Alternate: Amy McGaheran, campus ext. 3788

Director of Facilities and Services:
Ian Hazen, campus ext. 7122
Alternate: Michael Tremper, campus ext. 6789
Division Head, Marketing & External Relations:
Kelly Chezum, campus ext. 4483
Alternate: Jessica Carista, campus ext. 3873
Chief Information Officer:
Josh Fiske, campus ext. 6718
Alternate: Brian Huntley, campus ext. 6723
Health and Safety Officer:
Erica Arnold, campus ext. 6640
Alternate: Alan Rossner, campus ext. 6470
Director of Purchasing/Risk Management:
George Giordano, campus ext. 7722
Alternate: Erica Arnold, campus ext. 6640