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Leading Innovation. Benefiting Humanity.

For years, a certain subset of engineers have devoted their insight and expertise to projects that benefit humanity. They defy current trends and use their extraordinary talent to find ways to improve the collective human condition.

A sizable number of these visionary engineers are Clarkson graduates. Care to join them?

Our undergraduate and graduate program prepares students for tomorrow's challenges in two distinctive ways. First, our curriculum is team-based and interdisciplinary, just like today's workplace. Since engineers don't work in isolation, we don't believe they should learn in isolation either. Second, we emphasize the development of technology that serves humanity. We don't pursue engineering for the sake of engineering. We encourage students to consider the social consequences of projects by looking at the economics, ethics and environmental impact of every engineering decision.

Welcome to the Coulter School of Engineering at Clarkson University.

William Jemison

William Jemison, Dean
Dean, Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering