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Financial Aid

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All students are considered for financial assistance, which is awarded on a merit basis.  Applicants who submit their applications by January 30 for entry the following August (fall semester) or by September 1 for entry the following January (spring semester) will receive priority for assistantships and other financial aid.  Since awards are competitive, it is useful for students to secure funds from private sources.

The graduate assistantships available on a limited basis to provide tuition and stipend support are:

Teaching Assistantships - teaching assistantships require service to the department under the guidance of an advisor.

Research Assistantships - research assistantships require research service to a faculty member.

Because of the difficulty in evaluating international student qualifications and the competition for teaching and research assistantships, excellence in your academic background is highly recommended.  International students who do not receive full support must secure a guarantee of adequate financial support before an I-20 is provided for them.

Partial Tuition Assistantships - partial assistantships are available on a merit basis for those students who did not receive full assistantships.  This award offers up to a 30% tuition waiver, equivalent to a 10 credit hour waiver for every 30 hours taken.  The majority of these awards require some minimal amount of service to your department in exchange for the waiver.  There is no stipend associated with this form of scholarship.