Clarkson University Magazine: Goldwater Scholar

When Jeevaka I. Somaratna graduated from high school in Sri Lanka,

he knew from childhood observations of dam construction that he wanted to spend his career improving infrastructure.

Hearing from alumni about Clarkson’s Civil Engineering program, Jeevaka traveled halfway across the world to Potsdam, N.Y., in pursuit of his undergraduate studies.

As a student in the Honors Program, Jeevaka had the opportunity to develop his own high-powered research project on non-concrete binders in the summer of 2009.

Based on research conducted over two summers at Clarkson in the area of cement free binder concrete, he co-authored a journal article with his faculty advisor on microwave curing of alkali activated fly ash mortars, which was published in the Journal of Cement and Concrete Research.

One year later in spring 2011, he was one of three Clarkson students to be awarded a highly competitive Goldwater Scholarship in recognition of academic and research excellence.

So what’s next?

Doctoral studies in materials engineering with an emphasis on the development of better materials for structural engineering applications.