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June 19 – July 2

Inspiration comes from understanding people’s needs and motivation. What problems or challenges do people face? What data is out there that we can observe and draw insights from that help inspire us to look at the world and what it needs in new ways?

Be pro-active and observe the world around you. Look at how people work, live, and play. What frustrates and/or excites people? What problems or barriers do you notice when you go to the store, the park, the dry cleaner, your home, school, at your part-time job? Draw insights from the data you see, feel, and experience. Think about how people can do this better? More efficiently? Greener? More inexpensive? With more effective approaches? Regardless of your intended major, passions and/or interests, you have the ability to imagine and create new solutions for the future. All you need is a bit of inspiration. 

Take pictures and caption them with why this product, process, or system needs updating and email them to along with your intent to participate. These ideas do NOT need to be your final pick. Don’t have an idea yet? You can still express your interest to participate to the same email address. Can’t think of an idea? No worries! Reach out to us and we can help you find one!