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Featured Content

  • Josh Fogarty

    Josh Fogarty

    “I love technology and what it can do for people, but I also enjoy working directly with the client.”

  • Nicole Snow

    Nicole Snow

    “You really want to do something you love when you are running your own business!”

  • Martin Snye

    Martin Snye

    “I love the blacksmithing, but I am intrigued by the business.”

  • Matthew Turcotte

    Matthew Turcotte

    “I feel fortunate that I attend a university that is as passionate about my business as I am.”

  • Caralyn Mirand

    A Model Student

    Caralyn's work in front of the camera is a means of learning the fashion industry behind the camera.

  • Scott Morrissey

    Home Builder

    From baseball to construction, Scott Morrissey has home covered.