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Martin Snye

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Martin Snye, a retired teacher, stumbled upon his true passion — blacksmithing — after deciding to shoe his own horse. Martin opened The River Forge, an ornamental blacksmith shop on Route 37 in Ogdensburg. Most days you can find Martin sending sparks flying off the anvil as he creates period hardware, brackets, fireplace sets, tools used by re-enactors, and much more. He takes pride in the unique and quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece of work. At The River Forge, the products are not simply fabricated by machine; each piece is a unique creation.

Recreating and restoring ironworks from the Colonial Period is his favorite aspect of his work, but Martin realized that he needed to work on his business as much as in it. These days, you might find Martin working on his business plan or setting SMART goals for the business. “I love the blacksmithing, but I am intrigued by the business,” says Martin.

The aspect of My Small Business 101 that Martin enjoyed the most was the networking opportunities. “It is no longer a lone pursuit,” said Martin after commenting on how appreciative he was that there are so many resources available to him like the Reh Center for Entrepreneurship. “People should recognize and utilize all the local resources provided to them.”

Martin Snye

“I love the blacksmithing, but I am intrigued by the business.”