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Why Clarkson for Entrepreneurship?
Interested in studying entrepreneurship? Consider Clarkson’s Entrepreneurship major. You will have multiple opportunities to gain hands-on experience through internships and coops, as well as through the activities and programs that the Reh Center offers, including:

  1. The Young Entrepreneur Award Program
  2. Reh Center Internships
  3. Funding for Start-Ups

Career Services at Clarkson
Clarkson’s Career Center will provide you with valuable resources, career counseling, and support throughout your time as a student, as well as your lifetime as a Clarkson alum.

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Victoria Budnik
"Working for the Center for Entrepreneurship is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The work I do there has given me a level of hands on experience that I never expected to achieve at college. I have been exposed to several new experiences and from these I have gain new confidence. Many of these experiences have provided me with practical skills that can be carried with me to any future job: communication and research skills, interview techniques, new employee training, team work and time management. These skills have already led me to accept new opportunities such as a Co-op with Johnson & Johnson and a semester of studies in Hong Kong. However, the Center is not only about the work, it is also about the people. The people who I have worked with are no longer just my bosses and co-workers. They have become great friends. I feel comfortable turning to them for guidance when I struggle with my work, but I know I can also turn to them as friends if I just need to talk. The people involved in the Center have guided me to step outside of my comfort zone and have allowed me to grow as a person in the short time that I have know them."

-Victoria Budnik