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Environmental Politics & Governance

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A graduate degree offered through the Institute for a Sustainable Environment prepares the next generation of environmental and energy policy analysts and experts who understand the complex socioeconomic and political processes that inform environmental outcomes — including the allocation of federal funding of environmentally-related research and the development of science-based environmental policy while taking into account the actions and interests of private sector firms and non-governmental organizations in the environmental arena.

Environmental quality is a function of complex and interacting biological, chemical, physical, and technical systems.

The way we understand the functioning of these systems and attempt to manage them to improve environmental outcomes are through social, political, and economic institutions and processes that include policy-making, funding, and voluntary action.

Clarkson’s new interdisciplinary M.S. Degree in Environmental Politics and Governance (MSEPG) provides a unique graduate experience in environmental management. Politics refers to the study of the functioning of government at all levels, and the use of strategies and maneuvers to further an interest in a political, social, or economic outcome. Governance refers to the development of policy within the public and private sectors, including for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and other interested parties.

The goal is to prepare individuals who understand and can successfully negotiate the complex process of policy making in order to promote science-based environmental policy regulations, including energy policies and decisions.  

Environmental Politics and Governance (EPG) is administered by Clarkson's Institute for a Sustainable Environment, whose mission is to develop, foster, and enhance innovative, cross-disciplinary research and educational activities at the forefront of environmental investigation. Interdisciplinary groups of faculty affiliates associated with the center will advise students.

The ISE degree programs provide a flexible framework for students to develop course combinations and pursue research projects that fit their individual interests and needs.


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