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Tours and Special Projects

Aside from the day-to-day responsibilities of supporting the Maintenance Team, our Engineering Team delves into many outstanding projects:

Tours - The Engineering team continues to offer tours of mechanical spaces in University buildings, the Solar Field and Potsdam Hydro-electric Plant. Let us know if you are interested in a tour for your University group.

NYS REV Campus Challenge - Facilities and Academics are teaming up to enter the New York State REV Campus challenge, . Energy to Lead prize money would be used towards upgrading Science Centers Energy Management System and academically focusing on converting the Science Center into a “net zero” building.

Metering - In order to study and therefore optimize building energy use, it is necessary for us to install building metering systems. The installation of such equipment in Cheel was completed in July 2017 and data is being collected. The Science Center will be done by end of March 2018. In some cases, adjustments to energy use can be made immediately. Otherwise, more long-term plans will be made to address issues.

Technology Advancement Center HVAC - In response to previous seasonal HVAC issues in the TAC, it has become necessary for us to move away from the current micro-turbine responsible for providing both heating and cooling. We are working with a number of suppliers to merge the TAC with the Science Center to provide a more reliable and efficient solution.

IRC and Alumni Gym HVAC - The administrative offices in the Alumni Gym are too hot, the hallway from Alumni Gym to the IRC is too humid, the IRC is too humid, and the pool is an energy hog. The Engineering team is working to improve performance and energy efficiency of the HVAC systems controlling the condition of the air in these spaces.

GIS - The Geographic Information Systems division of the Engineering Team continues its data collection and mapping of the University. Currently, they are recording equipment data for HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment. Additionally, spaces including labs and classrooms are being mapped and photographed to provide a better condition assessment of the campus. Let us know if you have a specific data collection need.

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Jim and Mike explain HVAC in Cheel Arena


Jim with students in Science Center