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Safety Days Update

FAS has continued to pursue excellence when it comes to safety. January 2018 Safety Days were spent revisiting some of the areas previously cleaned and painted, cleaning mechanical spaces that had not yet been addressed and combing all University spaces (including offices) looking for potential safety violations in anticipation of the Fire Marshal’s next visit.

We looked for:

  • Missing junction box covers
  • Combustibles stored within 18 inches of the ceiling in sprinklered spaces and 24 inches in non-sprinklered spaces
  • Extension cords used as permanent power sources
  • Blocked fire extinguishers
  • Fire doors that didn’t close and latch unassisted
  • Fire doors that were propped open
  • Refrigerators and microwaves that were not plugged directly into a wall outlet
  • Overloaded power strips
  • And much more!

We found hundreds of violations which we now have the opportunity to correct before the Fire Marshal returns in a couple of weeks.

We encourage everyone to be watchful for violations as it’s the responsibility of us all to keep the campus safe.

First floor main CAMP boiler room gets a make-over:

Step 1, sweeping and mopping.

Step 2, neutralizing to prevent soap from reacting to the paint.


Step 3, painting.


Step 4, stenciling with safety instructions.

Step 5, applying sealer.


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