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What is the Senior Class Gift Campaign? 

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a class-based effort directed at educating students on the importance of giving back to Clarkson and encouraging them to make their Senior Class Gift.  With virtually every alumnus of Clarkson benefiting from financial support of earlier generations of Clarkson graduates, these gifts are very important to keep our pipeline full to help incoming students like you were likely helped, from a scholarship or grant from Clarkson. Most students that attend Clarkson would not have even considered Clarkson if it were not for the financial aid that they received from Clarkson. Gifts to Clarkson not only help virtually all students on campus financially but it also helps by keeping our labs updated, provides up with extra activities, improves the technology on campus and much more.

What is the Senior Class Gift?

Your Senior Class gift is a gift of $20.16 this year and for the next four years after that. What's more, with the completion of your 5 year gift, Alumnus David Reh '62 and his wife Sue will donate $1,000 in honor of your gift. This challenge, the Reh Challenge, was created for the graduating class of 2016, to instill a philanthropic spirit. The Reh's know that donations to Clarkson is what truly keeps Clarkson strong. Without alumni support, Clarkson would be a lot different than it is today. The Reh Challenge is a great opportunity to maximize your gift and make an even bigger impact with your investment. Additionally, with your gift, you become a part of the Clarkson community that has a tradition of proving loyal support to future Clarkson students.

Can I choose where to allocate my gift?

Yes. You may choose how your gift will be used. For example, a portion of your gift might support The Clarkson Fund and the other portion might support another area of interest, such as an affinity group. 

Senior Class Gift Benefits:  (senior class gift of $20.16 this year and for the next four years after that)

In an effort to show our appreciation, all seniors that make their senior class gift will receive the following benefits:

  • An invite to the senior class VIP reception at Foster House held in early April, 2016
  • A chance to win a great parking spot on campus for one week
  • Clarkson memorabilia
  • A chance to win President Collins' and Karen Collins' hockey seats on February 26th

Join the Prestigious Roundtable Society: (senior class gift of $20.16 this year and $150 for the next four years after that)

Additional benefits for Roundtable Associates:

  • An additional reception with President Collins and trustees
  • Personalized Outreach from Clarkson University
  • Insider webcast with the president
  • Invitation to the Roundtable Breakfast during reunion weekend
  • Invitation to Leadership events
  • Tie and/or scarf (1st time leadership donor)
  • Recognition in Clarkson's annual donor report
  • Visual recognition on campus in the alumni gateway
  • Two tickets to a Golden Knights hockey game (home or away)

If you would like more information about the senior gift, please contact Beth Reasoner, Assistant Director of The Clarkson Fund at (315) 268-4316 or You can also make your gift online today!

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Total Dollars Raised in 2014: $3,823.66

Class of 2014 Participation Rate: 38%


Class of 2015

Total Dollars Raised to Date: $221.65

Participation Rate: 

2016 Senior Class Supporters:

Joshua Caruso

Roshni Humagai

Gautham Sekar

Lauren Fercken

Kayla Rodriguez

Kylie Ring

David Johnson - Senior Class Gift Officer

Chris Behrens

Mark Dzwonczyk - Trustee

Blayne Baker

Collins Carbon

Matthew Robbins

Sam Garwood - Senior Class Gift Officer

Karl Schmidt

Scott Henning

Jessica Shepard

Michaela Mascaro

Victoria Villeneuve

Blake McMellen

Ryan Haller

David Lynn - Senior Class Gift Officer

Jameson Luskay

Chris Eun

Anthony Sparagna

Munesh Singh

Harrison Kay

Charles Davidson

Hamza Hafeez

Thomas O'Rourke

John Rockwood

Benjamin Crewdson

William Irish

Mark Godin Jr.

Silvana Payne