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What is the Reh Challenge?

Dave Reh '62 and his wife Sue have created a challenge for Clarkson alumni, parents and friends. They have committed to give Clarkson $500 for every four-year recurring gift that is completed on a credit card. As a loyal Clarkson supporter, this is a great opportunity to maximize your gift and make an even bigger impact on your investment.

Why was this challenge created?

Dave and Sue understand that supporting Clarkson is an ongoing mission. They know how important it is that alumni, parents and friends support the University every year and thus want to recognize those who commit to the goal of keeping Clarkson strong. That's why they have agreed to a challenge that honors both generosity and consistency. This challenge will also allow us to get off the ride of asking you for money every year. While we still need and appreciate your annual support, we would rather talk with you about the things that excite you and keep you connected to Clarkson. When you take the Reh Challenge, we can focus our conversations on what is new here at Clarkson, and on the important things that are happening in your life.

How can I take the Reh challenge?

To take the Reh Challenge, simply make your gift here.

If you have additional questions or comments, please contact Beth Reasoner at (315)268-4316 or

Number of donors who have taken the Four Year Donor Challenge: 3,600+

jacqueline novak

For Jacqueline Novak '18, gifts to The Clarkson Fund make access to a Clarkson education a reality.

trevor blackwell

Trevor Blackwell '15 has had the experience of a lifetime, thanks to generous donors.

joanina gicobi and craig woodworth

Joanina Jacobi '15 (left) has had learning opportunities that can't be measured, largely due to loyal supporters of The Clarkson Fund.