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The Parents Fund: Impacting every program, every student, every year

The Parents Fund is a long-standing tradition at Clarkson that provides parents with an opportunity to demonstrate their confidence in the work being done at the University.

Unrestricted gifts to The Parents Fund deliver immediate benefits to today’s students in the form of financial aid, academic excellence, state-of-the-art technology, sustainability research and Golden Knight athletics. Simply put, The Parents Fund impacts every program and every student, every year.

You Make the Difference

Your investment in The Parents Fund creates long-term impacts in shaping the University’s future. At the same time, your gift has an immediate effect on today’s students. By giving to The Parents Fund…

you are supporting the financial aid that nine of ten Clarkson students need. Clarkson attracts the brightest, most promising students, many of whom simply can’t afford to pay full tuition.

you are putting state-of-the-art technology on campus so our students and faculty can work at the forefront of discovery.

you are ensuring academic excellence throughout our more than 50 rigorous academic programs. From top professors to innovative curricula, these factors form the foundation of outstanding student achievement.

you are putting Clarkson at the leading edge of sustainability research, and you’re helping students apply that research right here on campus.

you are giving Clarkson students an edge in athletic competition, challenging the Golden Knights to drive forward and win.

If you're a Clarkson parent, or the parent of a Clarkson graduate, please consider making a gift to The Parents Fund this year.

To make a gift online, please visit our secure giving website at:

Or, mail your check, payable to Clarkson University to: The Parents Fund, Box 5530, 8 Clarkson Avenue, Potsdam, NY 13699

Thank you for your consideration. Your gift to The Parents Fund is an important investment and will help support the Clarkson community and make a difference for many students. For further information, contact The Clarkson Fund at 315-268-6582 or email Nichole Thomas, Director of The Clarkson Fund.

The Newkirk's

Susan Newkirk, Parents Fund Chair, and her sons Thomas ’15 and Clay ‘15

 “We all share a stake in the ultimate value of a Clarkson education. The mentoring that our students receive at Clarkson will ultimately lead to their engagement as alumni while they apply what they’ve learned. It is our role as parents to teach our children to contribute to Clarkson’s future. The best way to achieve this is to lead by example. I invite all parents to join me in making a gift that is meaningful to you.”
– Susan Newkirk