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Material Use & Recycling

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REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE is still the best strategy for decreasing the costs of purchasing new goods and managing our solid waste and reducing their associated environmental impacts. 


Clarkson takes a Stand -  no Styrofoam purchases on campus!

 Paper Reduction Initiatives! Clarkson used over 24 tons of copier/printer paper in AY07. A stack of this paper would be taller than the Empire State Building! Paper use in AY12 was down 18%.  A switch to purchasing paper with recycled content led to over 50% savings in our purchase of paper made directly from trees. Electronic communications have helped to reduce our paper use, but we can all do more to cut back this stack and reduce the associated cost and environmental impacts.


Several projects help our campus community to share our material goods to keep them in use and out of the landfill:

Take it or Leave it! Clarkson's ECO club organized and implemented an end-of-year initiative to reduce trash generation as students move out of their dorm room and apartments. Over one ton of material goods were collected and taken by other members of the Clarkson community or donated to local neighborhood centers. That's one ton less material good that need to be produced and landfilled!

Lending Cupboard The Clarkson Club collects and loans essential kitchen items and linens to incoming international students. This keeps both gently used items in use and helps to ease the transition of our international students into their new home at Clarkson.

Greencycle The web-based Greencycle is an on-line classified advertising system for the Clarkson Community to give away, sell or find goods and services.

Annual Garage Sale The facilities staff organizes an annual garage sale in August for the benefit of Clarkson employees to find new homes for furniture and appliances that are no longer needed on campus. 

Nuts for Green! Shipping & Receiving collects packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and pillows for reuse. For small quantities, leave in the shipping box or put in a plastic bag. Mail delivery personnel can pick it up during mail runs. For larger quantities, call 315-268-6543 for pick up.


How is Clarkson cutting down on waste, greening our purchasing decisions and encouraging recycling? For starters, Clarkson University renewed its commitment ro recycling with our joint Zero-Sort initiative with Casella Waste Systems, Inc. The Zero-Sort System makes it easy to put all recyclables into one bin. 

BETTER RECYCLING PRACTICES! Clarkson has extended its recycling program to include electronic waste, like computer and monitors, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, ballasts, scrap metal, tires, and used oil and anti-freeze. Collection buckets for battery recycling are available at the Information Desk in the Student Center, the Quad laundry room. 

CELL PHONES and chargers are collected by Jill LaCoss for donation to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program .Collection boxes for cell phones recycling are available at the Information Desk in the Student Center, the Quad laundry room.

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We all need to work to reduce the towering stack of paper we use each year!

Recycling Strategies:

Students from across campus constructed recycle mannequins to promote awareness about recycling

Student volunteers work to distribute new recycling bins to all campus apartments