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Integrating sustainability into "everything we do at Clarkson" requires that all campus stakeholders get involved and take action in whatever way you can.

Tell us what sustainability policies you would like to see implemented on campus. No more disposable water bottles? Paper-free classes? Better public transportation? We'd like to hear from you about priorities and actions you think we should focus.

Ready for the next step? There are a lot of ways to get involved with clubs, projects or classes.

Reduce your waste by engaging in the Ozzi To-Go Box Program! 

Take a stand and be recognized for your sustainability efforts by going to:  Sustainable Office Certification

Get or give your unused goods through Clarkson's Greencycle

Students from ECO and Synergy participate in the Keystone XL pipeline protest in Washington DC
(November 2011)

Student teams participate in the annual Adirondack Youth Climate Summit to work towards energy efficiency and to reduce green house gas emissions on campus