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Ozzi To-Go Box Program

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Starting next semester, Clarkson will be partnering with Aramark to incentivize the use of reusable Ozzi to-go boxes and use of plates in dining locations. An Ozzi box will be available at no charge for all interested students and a limited number of boxes will be available for interested faculty and staff. You may buy additional or replacement boxes for $5 per Ozzi box. There will be drop off locations around campus where you can return your used Ozzi box and receive a token. This will include Dining Facilities and three Ozzi machines. The token can be given to the on campus dining facilities in exchange for a clean Ozzi box the next time you buy a meal to go. As always, using a plate for in-house dining is also a free option.

We are promoting the Ozzi boxes as a cost effective alternative to disposable boxes. Our campus currently spends approximately $60,000 per year to purchase compostable disposable to-go boxes when a plate or reusable container could have been used instead. A significant amount of campus resources also go to have this waste removed from campus, including custodial labor and paying Clarkson's solid waste bill.

Other institutions that have made this investment either remove disposable to-go boxes altogether, or they place a surcharge on the disposable to-go boxes to create an incentive toward the reusable boxes. At Clarkson, there will be a $0.50 charge for disposable to-go boxes. Unlike with other programs, this $0.50 will not go to Aramark. Instead, this revenue will be given to the Institute for a Sustainable Environment to be added to the Clarkson Sustainability Fund, which supports student-led sustainability initiatives. 

This change has been supported by the Institute for a Sustainable Environment through two student-led Sustainability Fund projects, ARAMARK, and CUSA.

Click here to read a letter from a student, addressed to Clarkson, on why he feels charging for disposables is justified.

All members of the campus community can participate:
        To get started – Undergrad students - Look for an OZZI token in your mailbox after break; Grad students and faculty – receive your free token at the Campus Dining office in Cheel in January.
        Exchange the token for a re-useable OZZI to-go box at the cashier when you get food to go.
        Return the dirty box to a Dining Service facility or an OZZI machine and get a new token for your next purchase.
No waste – No worry about dirty dishes!