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Adopt Our Green Tips

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Not quite sure what you can do to make the most impact to increase your sustainability? Check out our green tips to make a difference on campus and in your life!

Start by evaluating your Ecological footprint - A fun way to see your impact on our earth and help prioritize the areas in your life to make the most difference.

    If you don't use materials (think paper, disposable containers,) we do not need to worry about recycling or disposal
    • CARRY YOUR OWN: Coffee mug, water bottle and canvas shopping bags all help to reduce solid waste and save you money!
    • SWAP & SHARE: Greencycle, Take it or leave it, and the annual campus garage sale all provide venues for keeping material goods in use
    • RECYCLE ALL YOU CAN: Zero-sort recycling - it (almost) goes all into one bin
    • POWER DOWN: Put your computer to sleep when not in use and turn it off when you go home for the day. See how-to-tips.
    • CUT YOUR DRIVING MILES: Combine your travels with healthy living - walk to bike to or around campus. Carpool when you can.
    • MANAGE YOUR BUILDING HEAT: Save energy in the summer months by closing blinds, turning off non-essential lighting, and using fans. Closing shades or blinds at night in the winter will reduce radiant losses.
    • SWITCH BULBS: Consider installing compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs in your home, office, or dorm.
  • VALUE OUR RESOURCES: Our campus' built, natural and human capital are priceless! Take time to enjoy and respect our setting and those you work or live with
  • WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: Your food choices effect how much carbon is needed to feed our community. Try a vegetarian or vegan diet for one of to days a week and focus on locally grown or fair-trade food to really reduce your ecological impact.

Green Tips:

Reduce your paper use

Set to power saving mode of your computer

Any other ideas? Send your tips to

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