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Sustainable Office Certification Program

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The Sustainable Office Certification Program has moved to Moodle for 2016!

This year, the Sustainable Office Certification Challenges will be available through Moodle! Simply log into your moodle account and register for the Sustainable Office Certification course (SOC). In Moodle, there will be challenges for you to complete as well as resources to inspire you do so.

Clarkson’s Sustainability Goals

In 2015, we engaged with 43 offices and 262 individuals. Furthermore, 41% of 2015’s participants earned a Green Knight Certification, and 32% earned a Gold Knight Certification. We endeavor to inspire an even wider range of Clarkson faculty and staff. Please share this program with your coworkers! 

The Sustainable Office Certification Program is one way that we can all help to work towards President Collins’  goal of including sustainability in everything we do on campus (April 2010). Individual change is key, for individual change does not have to wait for larger governmental change. For the 2016 Sustainable Office Challenge (SOC) keep in mind the following words regarding the need of individual action from Jerry Jenkins:

“We need to assess our own fossil fuel consumption and then reduce it. When we have run out of effective ways of reducing our own consumption, we need to offset this consumption by working with other people to reduce theirs”

In other words, you, as faculty and staff, in beginning by addressing your personal actions, can serve as a role model for your students. What better way to shape the culture of Clarkson’s campus than by leading by example and our hard work ethic. This program works to directly minimize Clarkson’s environmental footprint by increasing participants knowledge of the larger picture (climate change), reducing participants and Clarkson's energy usage, and evaluating solid waste in the office.  Furthermore, as a participant, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to help create Clarkson’s Climate Action Plan and Solid Waste Action Plan and be entered to win up to $500 of funds for one of this  year’s challenges’ implementation.

To register please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Moodle

  2. Search for “Sustainable Office Certification” in the search field on the Clarkson Moodle page

  3. Click on the words Sustainable Office Certification when they appear

  4. Click enroll me

  5. Click enroll now

  6. You will receive an email recognizing your enrollment

  7. Now you are all set to begin completing the challenges

  8. Check the boxes next to the appropriate challenges as you complete them.

What are you waiting for? Help fulfill Clarkson’s sustainability goals by participating in the Sustainable Office Certification Program on Moodle!

Watch the February Presentation on the Web:
Technology Seminar, online

Watch the January Presentation on the Web:
Energy Seminar, online

Did you know?

In 2013, Clarkson scored 71 out of 100 points in the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment and Rating System for sustainability initiatives.  This led to a Silver STARS rating. 

We are aiming for Gold by 2017 – participating in this program will help to get us there! Help Clarkson reach its full potential!