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Article IX:  Funds
Professional and Administrative Staff shall be self-sustaining to support its events and activities, e.g. luncheons, professional development, community service, student support.  Funds may be necessary to complete the organizational objectives.  Participation in fundraising is voluntary.
Section 1:         A fundraiser or project may be proposed by any P&S Staff member.
Section 2:         A proposal form will be made available by the Treasurer for the purpose of submitting a fundraising idea or requesting the expenditure of existing funds.
Section 3:         The Council will review the form.  Approval shall require a majority vote by Council members with a response returned to the requester in a timely manner.
Section 4:         A minimum of 25% of funds raised shall go to the P&S Staff general fund.

Please complete the applicable fundraising form prior to, and/or following a fundraising event.

Group III Fundraising Proposal Form

Group III Fundraising Report Form