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2011 Workshop for Teachers

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2011 Summer Climate Change Curriculum Institute

August 8 –12, 2011 at Clarkson University

Learn, implement and assess new climate change curriculum – Learn to use NASA geospatial data in new project-based climate change units for your middle and high school classrooms. 

2011 Summer Workshop – A select set of 12 middle school STEM and high school earth science and environmental science teachers from across New York received stipends to participate in a one-week summer workshop where they learned climate change science, gained experience with NASA and NOAA resources, and reviewed grade-appropriate inquiry-based climate change modules for implementation in their own classrooms.

The inquiry-based problems allow the application of knowledge and skills to real world, relevant issues. These activities were designed to develop students’ critical thinking skills and their ability to analyze data with the goal of developing climate literate citizens who understand science sufficiently to assess the validity and quality of mass media reports. These new modules were developed by teachers in 2010 and are being piloted in 2010-2011 academic year. 

Benefits of Participation:

  • Deeper knowledge of the science and debate surrounding climate change and human influences on climate
  • Proficiency using NASA resources and databases related to the Earth’s response to climate change to answer your own inquiries about climate change
  • Access to instructional units on climate change for use in your own classroom
  • Stipend of $1000 for completing the 5-day institute and follow-up activities
  • Travel allowance and housing, based on need, for teachers who cannot commute daily

Expectations of Participants:

  • Attend all 5 days of the workshop with eagerness and enthusiasm for learning and work
  • Develop a plan to implement workshop lessons in your classroom
  • Adapt and teach a unit from the workshop to your students and make revisions as necessary to refine the materials for sharing with other teachers
  • Participate in all assessments and evaluations of the workshop and follow-up classroom activities
  • Present climate change education materials at a workshop in your local area with support from Clarkson.