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Classroom Ready Resources

The EPA's Climate Change for kids site
K-5 level - basic descriptions of climate change, mitigation options, and lifestyle choices they can make to reduce their carbon footprint. There are games that test their climate change knowledge and links to other websites for additional information.

Carbon footprint calculators:

Computer animations to explain aspects of climate science:
The King's Center for Visualization in Science
The Greenhouse Effect
Blackbody Spectrum
Effect of albedo and emissivity on surface temperature
The Global Carbon Budget: 1960 to 2100

IPCC interactive applet
Looks at emissions scenarios results included in assessment reports

A tour of the cryosphere 2009
MyNASAData’s channel on YouTube
NASA's The Dynamic Earth DVD homepage
GRACE (go to Earth: features: select GRACE)
Exploring Energy (NASA's video about infrared energy)

CSI: Climate Status Investigations
Climate related lesson plans for middle and high school levels. From the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

Will Steger Foundation
K-12 education program whose goal is to offer thought-provoking, practical solutions for educators and students.

Climate Change Education
Portal of climate change resources for teachers.

NASA - Global Climate Change Education Project
Portal for NASA’s Climate Change Education projects and resources.

NASA Earth Science for Educators
Portal with access to lots of science and education resources from NASA science programs.

Global Change Master Directory
NASA Goddard space flight center database: See “Education and Outreach" link for existing learning resources.

NASA - Tropical Rainforest Measuring Mission
Data with displays for monthly average rainfall for the recent past (1998 present).

Earth 2 Class
Resources for earth Science classes, includes lessons, research and professional development offerings.

Earth Science Learning Ideas
Innovative, Earth-related teaching ideas, including several carbon cycle lessons.

Environmental Education Success Stories
From the National Environmental Education Foundation is this website that has several environmentally focused sections (including climate change) with useful links and free educational materials. This site also serves as a place for educators to collaborate and share their experiences.

Google's Geo Education
Lets you find helpful information on using Google Earth, Maps, Sky, and SketchUp in your K-12 classroom. For years, this suite of products has been identified as a powerful learning toolkit that can help your students conceptualize, visualize, share, and communicate information about the world around them.

Power Profiler
Energy Facts: How clean is the electricity I use? This profiler is used to determine your power source given a local postal code, and the emissions from the power you use.

National Geographic: Vanishing Sea Ice
Interactive map of the impacts of global warming on polar bears and other marine animals.