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Climate Change Indicators and Impacts

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Climate Change Indicators and Impacts

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Climate Change: Fitting the Pieces Together
An introduction to climate change science with photos, slides, and audio explanations. (Registration required)

Global Climate Change: Research Explorer - The Exploratorium
View the effects of climate change through real-time data, short-term data and case studies in relationship to the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere.

EPA Climate Change Information/Indicators

Climate change probable effects of:
2 degrees of warming
3 degrees of warming
4 degrees of warming
5 degrees of warming
6 degrees of warming

NASA: Key Indicators
Graphical and textual information depicting historical trends in sea level, arctic ice volume, carbon dioxide levels, and more.

United Nations University: Our World 2.0

US Global Change Research Program
Highlights US impacts due to climate change

Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment
Reports that summarize the nature of the impacts that climate change will cause in the Northeastern US.

Northeast Regional Climate Center
This center facilitates and enhances the collection, dissemination, and use use of climate data and information, and monitors and assesses climatic conditions and impacts in the twelve-state, northeastern region of the United States

New England Integrated Sciences and Assessments (NEISA)
Indicators of climate change in the Northeastern United States.

Understanding how climate change will affect NYS communities

NOAA Paleoclimatology
Climate Science: Investigating Climatic and Environmental Process
Glacial and interglacial scale

State of the Climate
Global and National analysis of climate factors and indicators

Earth Observatory: Paleoclimatology
NASA Resource explaining the science behind uncovering past climates

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA)