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Climate Change Policies

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Climate Change Policies

NYS Climate Action Council
Established by Govenor Paterson in 2009, this group is working to define mitigation and adaptation strategies for NYS to meet the 80 x 50 goal (80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 1990) by 2050).

Environmental and Energy Study Institute
In depth resources about energy topics and climate change, extensive current events page of government actions that can be viewed online or received through email newsletters.

Pew Center – Global Climate Change
Up-to-date information on what is happening on the political scene as well as educational materials. Good source of video clips and PowerPoint slides, mostly from federal legislative hearings.

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Market-based CO2 emissions certificate trading system - how it works
Advocacy for low CO2 concentrations

2006 IPCC Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories