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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Global review of emissions
Lots of good figures and diagrams

Major sources of GHGs in the US
Brief description of where GHGs come from

Inventory of US GHG emissions and sinks, 1990-2007

US electricity generation mix
General information with many links to related topics

Determine the electricity sources and emissions for your zip code

Reports about recent annual electricity generation mix
Several reports with detailed maps

Pew Center Climate Change Techbook

EIA Energy Explained
Energy and the Environment: Where greenhouse gasses come from

Power Profiler
Energy Facts: How clean is the electricity I use? This profiler is used to determine your power source given a local postal code, as well as the emissions from the power you use.

U.S. GHG Inventory Executive Summary
Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse gas emissions and sinks 1990-2009

United States greenhouse gas overview

Carbon footprint calculators: