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Arctic Ice

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Understanding Climate Induced Changes in Arctic Ice

William Armington, Susan Powers, Clarkson University, Potsdam NY

July 2011


Type: Project Module

Length: 1-4 45 minute class periods

Content Area/Course: Physical Science, Earth Science, Environmental Science

Targeted Grade Level: High School (first component can be used for younger students)

Prerequisite Knowledge: Basic concept of climate change and changing temperatures.

Prerequisite Skills: Basic MS Excel graphing and trendline capabilities

Technology/web resources: internet access, MS Excel

Thinking skill development: Comprehension, synthesis, evaluation

NASA Resources Used: Model results in IPCC DDC, satellite images and interpretation, Tour of the Cryosphere video; My NASA Data (air and ocean temperatures compiled into spreadsheet)


Students use satellite images, temperature data and ice extent data to explore how Arctic Ocean ice coverage has changed with time and how it is correlated to changing temperatures. Data and image access are through web sites, an Excel spreadsheet prepared for this module with all relevant data.