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Case Study: Climate Connections: Exploring Actions that Affect our World in 2100

This set of activities is completed and presented below for one of the role play characters, who is intended to be an extreme version of today’s youth. 

EXAMPLE - Kool Youngsta

Background: I have lived in this suburban community in New York State for my entire life.  I hang out at the mall and try to buy every new electronic gadget and game as soon as it comes out.  I expect one of my parents to drive me to the mall at least three times a week.  The four miles each way is DEFINITELY too far for me to bike. 

Hypothesis: If there is anything wrong with the planet, my parents messed it up.  I am entitled to do whatever I want; there is nothing I can change to make a difference for the climate.

Interest: Scarfing down burgers at the mall food court with friends and hiding in my room with my games.

Preferred Action: Why should I “act”?  It’s not my fault the world if the world is in trouble.

The details for the completion of this project are included as a separate file – the completed Student Summary Worksheet. The Google Earth data file has also been completed.