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Tools and Data

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Microsoft PowerPoint: A presentation application is needed to view the data. Microsoft PowerPoint is used in this chapter and is available as part of Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Corporation -

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PowerPoint is part of the suite of Microsoft Office software. Students and educators may be able to purchase this software at a reduced cost. The Student and Home Edition is sufficient for use in this unit.


Google Earth: A global mapping and satellite program where the user can see satellite and street view images of the world and your backyard.

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Google Earth is free to download off Google’s website

Data Set 1

Cookie ingredients.ppt

This data set is an interactive PowerPoint presentation for students to open and use on their own. It includes information about twelve basic cookie ingredients. That information includes nutritional facts, about the ingredient, a brief history, fun facts and most importantly where it comes from. 

Data Source


(wiki pages with creditable, cited sources were used for the history, and about sections for each ingredient when available) additional sources are listed in the comment section for the presentation

Data Set 2

Cookie recipe cards.doc

This data set is an optional tool for students. The word document is a card layout and contains the ingredients in six different types of cookies. Students may use these cookie recipes or bring in their own. It can be printed and cut out or given in electronic form.

Data Source

Data Set 3

Calculating CO2 worksheet.xls

This data set is a complete MS Excel worksheet with a table for students to fill in the information about their cookie type and the preformatted equations will give a calculated value for the carbon dioxide emissions. There is also a tab with an example completed according to the case study as well as a reference tab with the values used to make all carbon dioxide emission calculations.

Data Source

'Reference Info' sheet:

Transport energy and CO2 emissions: Hill, H., "Food Miles: Background and Marketing ." NCAT Sustainable Agriculture, 2008. Accessed  26 Jul 2011.

Food densities:

Ice box Cookie Recipe Source: Laurie Thurston's Kitchen