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Tools and Data

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Tool - Microsoft Excel

A spreadsheet application is needed to analyze the data. Microsoft Excel is used in this chapter and is available as part of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Corporation -

Excel is part of the suite of Microsoft Office software. Students and educators may be able to purchase this software at a reduced cost. The Student and Home Edition is sufficient for use in this unit.  Open Office is a free software that should be compatible with this unit if MS office is not available.

Tool – U.S. EPA Power Profiler

The U.S. EPA Power Profiler ( ) allows access to a database of electricity generation data that are used to define the mix of electricity generation facilities in different regions of the U.S. and the resulting CO2 emission factors (lb CO2/MWh) and total CO2 for an average residence within the region.  This tool provides a resource to explore how different the electricity mixes are across the country and the implications for these variations in terms of personal CO2 emissions from electricity. As of June, 2011, the Power Profiler accessed the 2007 eGRID database. The eGRID database can also be accessed directly ( )