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Climate Issues in New York State

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Climate Issues in New York State 

Governor Paterson executive order #24
Establishing a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by the year 2050 and preparing a climate action plan.

NYS Climate Action Council
Established by Govenor Paterson in 2009, this group is working to define mitigation and adaptation strategies for NYS to meet the 80 x 50 goal (80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 1990) by 2050).

Envisioning a low carbon 2050 for NYS - draft report

Northeast Climate Database
Access to state or Northeastern monthly and daily climate data. (registration required)

World Climate
Weather station data in different cities throughout the world.
Monthly average data for northern New York within 65 miles of 43N 75W

Northeast Regional Climate Center
The Northeast Regional Climate Center facilitates and enhances the collection, dissemination and use of climate data and information, and monitors and assesses climatic conditions and impacts in the twelve-state, northeastern region of the United States.

Analysis of climate changes in the Northeast
Approaches to mitigate or adapt to these changes.

Northeast Climate Impacts Assessment
Access to reports that summarize the nature of the impacts that climate change will cause in the Northeastern US.

Understanding how climate change will affect NYS communities

New York State Interim Climate Action Plan

NYSERDA Energy Smart Schools Program

Climate smart communities NYSDEC: local action to combat climate change

Patterns and Trends
New York State Energy Profiles: 1995-2009