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Weather and Climate Data

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Weather and Climate Data

Mauna Loa CO2 historical data

US Historical Climatology Network
Their main site for weather data.

Northeast Climate Database
Access to state or Northeastern monthly and daily climate data.  (Registration required)

World Climate
Weather station data in different cities throughout the world.

New England Integrated Sciences and Assessments (NEISA)
Indicators of climate change in the Northeastern United States

National Ice and Snow Data Center

Portal to access lots of NASA satellite data for climate and earth sciences.  Includes some lesson plans for teachers.

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

NOAA Satellite and Information Service
US data only.

 Global Surface Temperature Anomalies

Temperature Changes
EPA Climate Change - Science

National Snow and Ice Data Center

NSIDC Education Resources

The Cryosphere Today

National Geographic
"Ice Paradise: The rich life of Svalbard, Norway's Arctic archipelago, faces a creeping thaw" Feature Article

National Geographic's vanishing sea ice interactive map

Arctic sea ice decline: Faster than Forcast

Union of Concerned Scientists
Citizens and Scientists for Environmental Solutions: Global Warming