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Fellowships are available to Clarkson University graduate and undergraduate students and St. Lawrence University undergraduate students in the fields of science, math, environmental studies, and engineering. Clarkson and St. Lawrence University K - 12 fellows develop and implement project-oriented curricula that integrate math, science, engineering and technology. Fellows work with local teachers to complete these projects with students in middle and high schools. Targeted curriculum topics for the ’08 – ’09 year include Renewable Energy, Robotics, Concrete, and Rollercoaster Design.

Undergraduate Fellows:
Stipend is received for three weeks of summer training (three-credit course) and for 15 hours/week work throughout both Fall and Spring semesters.

Graduate Fellows: Generous stipend and full tuition coverage for graduate research work coupled with two to three weeks of summer training (three-credit course) and for 15 hours/week work throughout both Fall and Spring semesters

Graduate K-12 Supplements (NEW): Graduate students currently on a research assistantship can receive a $5000 supplement to their RA stipend for K-12 outreach activities, ideally related to their own research area. Students receiving the supplements are expected to attend summer training (three credits) and complete 20 hours of classroom contact time.

Requirements and responsibilities of Fellows:

a. Devote about 15 hours of work per week during the academic year to developing, practicing and teaching lessons to middle or high school students.
b. Attend regular meetings with classroom and university mentors and K-12 administration to: plan lessons; develop, modify, and/or evaluate materials for classroom use; reflect on experiences; and discuss any concerns and/or issues that may emerge
c. Conduct yourself in a professional manner in school settings and meetings with school professionals
d. Attend fellows summer training which takes place during 3 weeks in August
e. Maintain suitable progress towards degree requirements

Benefits to K-12 Fellows
a. The teaching fellows are paid a generous stipend for summer training and the academic year
b. Fellows receive course credit (comparable to one full semester course) for the summer training and learn leadership, communication, teaching, and project management skills
c. Graduate students receive tuition fully or partially paid and an opportunity for an advanced degree in any of Clarkson's graduate programs
i. MS, or Ph.D. from the Coulter School of Engineering
ii. MS, or Ph.D. from the School of Science
Application and Timeline
a. The application process for the next academic year takes place early in the spring semester prior. There are fellowships available at Clarkson University for graduate and undergraduate students and for undergraduate students at St. Lawrence University.
Applications and materials for: