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Rehabilitation Engineering

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The Rehabilitation Engineering curriculum has been offered in high school technology classes. The goal is to create
 a shovel that can be used efficiently by a one-armed person. The design of implements for disabled individuals requires the standard engineering design process, but with a human element. This curriculum incorporates physiology, engineering, and CAD technology.

High school students investigate how the body is like a machine and how able-bodied individual perform certain tasks. Physical attribute, such as range of motion and muscle use to perform a similar task. The tool of choice for this curriculum is a garden shovel.

The One Handed Shovel Curriculum and an adaptation of Northwestern University's Get a Grip curriculum have been taught in different high school technology classes, including Principles of Engineering and Computer Aided Design. this curriculum was designed in partnership with Clarkson University's Center for Rehabilitation Engineering Science and Technology

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One Handed Shovel Curriculum