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Emily Garrant '12

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Hired by...Lockheed Martin

According to mechanical engineering major Emily Garrant ’12, having a well-rounded experience and taking advantage of the opportunities available to you in college is what really counts when trying to secure your dream job.

And she would know, since she recently accepted a highly coveted position at Lockheed Martin in the Engineering Leadership Development Program. 

Emily says, “My experiences at Clarkson have really helped me prepare myself for the corporate world. Aside from getting a well-rounded introduction to many aspects of engineering, being a part of the women’s soccer and Nordic ski teams, as well as being a resident director, have greatly improved my leadership skills over the last four years. It's all very marketable to companies.”

Along with being involved on campus, Emily also looked to the Career Center for assistance with her resume and interviewing skills. “I put in a lot of time searching for jobs and felt really prepared for interviews, thanks to their help,” she adds. 

In Lockheed Martin’s Engineering Leadership Development Program, a three-year rotational program, Emily will try three or four different positions within the company while also getting a technical master’s degree. 

“I’m really looking forward to this opportunity because I will be able to learn so much at a very fast pace. There are also many networking opportunities as well, as I am required to attend several leadership conferences each year,” she says.

Emily Garrant
Emily Garrant '12