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An Honorary Degree, or Doctor of Science, honorus causa, is awarded by Clarkson University, usually at Commencement, to a limited number of individuals whose achievements deserve special recognition by the higher education community. Generally an individual has made a significant contribution to their profession, society, and humankind in general, and is deserving of public recognition for their efforts. An honorary degree is awarded in the belief that graduates should share their Commencement with several individuals who, by their accomplishments, have demonstrated extraordinary leadership, service, scholarship, and citizenship. Sometimes an individual has made a specific contribution to the University, usually in the form of distinguished service to Clarkson University. In addition to the form below, all nominations require a second letter of support. Please have the second nominator send a letter of support to or Honorary Degree Nominations, Clarkson University, Box 5500, Potsdam, NY 13699. Note that by policy we do not accept posthumous nominations, family nominations or self-nominations

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