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Prospective Student Bulletins

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To give prospective students a better look at life in the Honors Program, we send out weekly emails. You can check them out here!

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Spring 10: Honors Housing & Summer Research

Spring 9: Big Fish, Small Pond

Spring 8: Honors Highlights

Spring 7:

 About Majors

Arts & Sciences



Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Spring 6: Professional Experiences

Spring 5: Clubs & Activities

Spring 4: Global Experiences

Spring 3: Scholarship Opportunities

Spring 2: Pre-Frosh Summer Research

Spring 1:

CU Majors

Arts & Sciences



Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Fall 17: About CU

Fall 16: Season's Greetings

Fall 15: Application Deadline Reminder

Fall 14: Fall Bulletin Highlights

Fall 13: Honors Students Abroad 2

Fall 12: Honors Students Love CU

Fall 11: Honors Class of 2016

Fall 10: Honors Student Athletes

Fall 9: Honors Housing

Fall 8: Adirondack Semester

Fall 7: Honors Sophomore Project 

Fall 6: Summer Research

Fall 5: Service

Fall 4: Honors Students Abroad

Fall 3: Career Fair & Internship Opportunities

Fall 2: First Year Orientation at Camp Oswegatchie

Fall 1: Introduction


Bridgette Bousquet

Engineering & Management
Honors Class of 2018

Have you ever wondered who writes and sends all of the prospective student bulletins?

Bridgette is a junior Engineering and Mangement student. In her free time she enjoys backpacking in the Adirondacks and snowboarding. This past spring Bridgette spent 6 months studying in Sweden and traveling across Europe during a semester abroad. At CU she is a member of the E&M Honors Society, the Engineering Honors Society, and volunteers as a mentor at the Potsdam Elementary School. She chose to come to CU because both the CU Honors Program and E&M major are unique!