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Summer Research Projects 2005

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Aaron Fetterman

Using Multi-Agent Strategies to Solve a Blocks-World Artificial Intelligence Problem

Adam Rose

Effects of Roadside Nesting on Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentine) Populations in St. Lawrence County

Anna Paola Soliani 

Morphogenesis of Nanostructured Particles and their Potential Applications

Christopher Gilbert and Nadjoua Moumen

A Study of the Contact Angle of Drops on a Solid Silicon Surface That Has Been Treated to Produce a Wettability Gradient

Christy Petruczok

Synthesis of Silica-Strengthened Poly(methyl methacrylate) Using Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization

Connor Shane

Structural Health Monitoring using Linear Time Series Analysis Methods

Courtney Grayson

Simple Procedure for Characterizing Transesterification Reactions

Justin Ricci

Photo-Acoustic Research Lab Confidential

Matthew Jones

Analysis of Wake Flows for Induced Drag Reduction

Matthew Lanahan and William Chiaravalle

Preparation of Team 229 for Future Autonomous Implementation

Melissa Van Kleeck and Zuocheng Wang

Michael Ronan

Effect of Splitter Plates on Diffuser Flow Characteristics

Nelson Greening

Virtual Product Development and its Effect on New Product Development

Niall Mangan

Mathematical Methods for Analysis of Diffusion

Rouslan Solomakhin

Using TVLA for Proving Algorithm Correctness

Samuel Savage and Timothy Smith

Improvements to a Game for Virtual Reality Wheelchair Training

Sylvia Sarponmaah and Courtney Riley

Development and Optimiation of a Reporter Gene Assay to Measure Activation of NF-kB

Vincent Pascuccil

The Synthesis of Aerogels to Seperate Particles

William Shiel

Validating a computer-based model of real distillation columns

Zhimin Mao

Optimize the supply chain of a major office equipment/automation company