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Summer Research Projects 2006

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Mitchell Anderson

Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Copper

Katherine Bellor 

Determination of Sleep/Awake State in Infants by Respiratory Analysis

Victoria Boyd, Meagan Boyd, and Hyun-Deok Choi

Measuring Dissolved Gaseous Mercury in Raquette River

Bradley Buchheit

The Effect of Water Content on the Viscosity of Tetrafluoroborate Containing Ionic Liquids

Joseph D. Cipollina

Fabrication and Testing of an Aerosol Hydrocarbon Detector

Andrew Davis

Effects of Roads and Fencing on the Microclimate of Turtle Nests

Christopher Gilbert

The Effect of Temperature on the Contact Angle of a Drop on a Surface

Sam Gorton

Desktop Biodiesel Plant

Courtney Grayson

Development and Optimization of a Reporter Gene Assay to Measure NK-κB Activation by Human Papillomavirus in Cervical Cells

Lindsay Hoffman

The Effects of Varying Redox Conditions on Bacterial Communities in Mercury-Contaminated Soil

Vidoje Mihajlovik and Tim Smith

Enhancing Realism in a Virtual Environment for Stroke Patient Rehabilitation

Laniece Miller and Alan Rossner

Evaluation of Holdup Measurement Models by Use of Facility Simulation

Bridget Reardon

Effect of Mass Distribution on Deformation of Three Dimensional Open-Celled Porous Materials Inder Uniaxial Compression

Courtney Riley

Comparison NF-κB Baseline Activity in Normal, Immortal, and Tumor Cells

Adam Rose

Polymer Filter Optimiation with non-Newtonian Methods

Samuel Savage

Open Graphics Language Shading Language

Lindsay Schwarting

Surveying and Predicting Hotspots of Herpetofauna Mortality on New York State Highways

Justin Slaby

Tip Vortex Manipulation Using a Sharp Edged Delta Wing

Anna Paola Soliani

Responsive Materials and Devices Based on Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Functional Hybrid Nanofibers

Meghann Strain

Genetic evolution within the genus Liolaemus

Melissa Van Kleeck

Investigation of the Volatility Nano-Cross Flow Differential Mobility Analyzer

Sayuri Yapa and Patrick Eddy

Investigating Boundary Layer Separation around a Blunt Body