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Summer Research Projects 2008

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Alexandria Barr
Whether Novice Programmers are Predisposed to Use Behavioral Display Patterns

Victoria Boyd

Mercury Mass Balance in the Adirondack Mountains: Stemflow and Soil Concentrations

Nevin Brackett-Rozinsky

Rolling Pendulum Nonlinear Dynamics

Melissa Butkiewicz

Biomass Analysis and Screening for Fuel Applications

Michael Davis

A Study of the Association of Statistics in EURO 2008

Matthew Elser

Design Challenges of an Electric Vehicle and Solutions in Development

Xiaojing Fu

The Effects of Heterogeneities on the Solution to Groundwater Flow Problems

Christopher Gilbert

Behavior of Drops Undergoing Thermocapillary Motion on a Solid Horizontal Surface

Dustin Grzeskowiak

The American Housing Crisis:  An Economic Analys Outlining Causative Factors

Kevin Gucwa

Droplet Splattering:  Measuring a Secondary Particle Size Distributions

David Illig

Determination of the Effects of Diesel Exhaust on Potsdam School children

Pushpak  Jha

The Fabrication and Uses of Nano-Polymers

Christopher Kopra

Sodium Borohydride hydrolysis to Generate Hydrogen for Fuel Cells

Matthew Ladew

Portable Pulse Oximetry

Maria Lang and Sayuri Yapa
Characterization of Electrospray Aerosol Generator

Brendan Leach

Design and Fabrication of a Light Weight Planer Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

Keegan Lowenstein

Modeling the Brain Mechanisms of Detecting and Orienting Attention Towards Threat

Michael Moeller 

Analysis of Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbines

Andrew Nadeau

Iris Identification from a Distance

Lisa Nelson

Modeling of Energy Efficient Complex Distillation Columns

Ryan Northrup

Numerical Approaches to Initial Value Problems using Interval Mathematics

David Olson

Self-Starting Contra-Rotating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Home Heating Applications

Stanley Onyewuchi

Biometrics:  Fingerprint SPOF Data Collection Using Capacitive and Optical Scanners

Vincent Pascucci

Photo Copolymerization Using a Narrow Channel Reactor

Jennifer Roper and Jasmine Stephens and Suzanne Van Arsdale

Developing Protocols to Study How Threats to Body are Detected and Capture Attention

Samuel Savage

A Graphical System for Debugging World of Warcraft User Interface Scripts Enhanced with Automation

Jennifer Sidletsky

Cotton Filters to Reduce Levels of Leached Bisphenol A From Bottled Water Using Pi-Pi Complexes

Carson Smith

Photocrosslinkable Triblock Copolymer Hydrogels for Protein Encapsulation

Timothy Smith

Creating of a Virtual Reality Game for Training in a Virtual School Environment

Matthew Souva

Protein Biosensor Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Kelsie Timbie

Developing a Biosensor for Cervical Cancer

Daniel Valyou

Preparing and Operating an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Support of the Indiana University Nucleation in Forest Environments Campaign

Ryan Watkins

Lamb wave based diagnostics of Composite Plates Using a Modified Time Reversal Method