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Summer Research Projects 2009

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Victoria Boyd
Passive Filtration and Retention of Stormwater Runoff from an Aluminum Smelter

Jill Clevenger 
On the Viability of a Wind Driven Thermal Churn

Amanda Coons
Low Cycle Fatigue in Aluminum Foam with Notch

Andrew Davis
Disease Modeling (Thesis)

Jamie Davis
Using MATLAB and Multigrid to Save the World

Eleanor Davis
The Effect of Directionality on the Synchronizability of Networks

Maximillian Edmands
Analyzing the Social Determinants of Environmental Behavior using Networks and Games

Holly Engel
Culture Growth Monitoring for the Optimization of Biodiesel Precursors in Select Green Algae

Dillon Ethier
What’s in a Norm?

Kevin Fisher
Testing Varying Reducing Agents and Reaction Conditions in the Conversion of Organic Waste to Fuel Oil

Xiaojing Fu
Ground Contamination Remediation

Dustin Grzeskowiak
A Spatial Approach to Explicating the Appearance and Passage of Community Preservation Act Referenda in Massachusetts

Jason Holloway
Using Optical Flow for Botanical Video Analysis

Pushpak Jha
Data Acquisition and Analysis for the Design of a Powered Prosthetic Leg

Erin Kennedy
Socializing a Social Robot with an Artificial Society

Keegan Lowenstein
A Toolkit for Developing Neural Network Models for How the Brain Detects and Orients Attention Toward Threat

Francesca Merchant & Kathryn Kearns
Conjugation of Green Flourescent Protein to Gold Nano- particles & Nanoshells for Photothermal Cancer Therapy Imaging

Michael Moeller
Analytical Model for Virtual and Real Roller Coasters Analysis of a High Solidity, Low Tip Speed Ration Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine

Nathan Moore
A Survey and Management Plan for Vernal Pools on the Campus of Clarkson University

Jennifer Roper
Analysis of Phylogenetic Relationships Within Liolaemus boulengeri Group Lizards Using Nuclear DNA

Rebecca Schilling
Activation of Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta in Cervial Cancer Cells

Jennifer Sidletsky
Synthesis of Biocompatible Copper Nanoparticles for Cancer Chemotherapy

Jeevaka Somaratna
Concretes Containing no Cement: An Investigation on the Effects of Temperature Curing on Strength

Matthew Souva
Effective Thickness of Polymer Monolayers on Degenerate Si

Emily Stefano
The Physics and Engineering of Skateboarding’s MegaRamp

Jason Van Luipen
Vortex Ring Interaction with Permeable Media

Brett Walker
SAFT and Cubic Equations of State Applied to Seperation Processes

Daniel Weiner
Development of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Powered Water Heater

Steven Wu

Adhesion Testing of Printed Metallic Inks on Various Subtrates

Kenneth Yancey
Changes in Reactive Oxygen as a Mechanism for Nf-kB