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Summer Research Projects 2010

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Jason Altieri
Impact of Historic District Designation on Housing Prices

Melissa Butkiewicz
Identification of Serum Protein Biomarkers for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

James Callahan
Computations of Flow Over Circular Cylinders: Comarison to Wind Tunnell Data

Xiaojing Fu
Handling Constraints with Derivative-Free Optimization

Theodore Glave
Novel Nanocomposite Materials for Solar Cell Fabrication

Philip Hart
Design of a User Interface for Visualization of a Patient's Activity Data

Frank Hemsing
Perceptual, Biomechanical and EMG Response Latencies to Potentially Destabilizing Anterior Horizontal Translations
Analysis of First Trial Response to a Potentially Destabilizing Anterior Horizontal Translation
Assessment of Physical and Muscular Accomodations to Repeated Potentially Destabilizing Anterior Horizontal Translations

Devon Jedamaski
The Optimization of Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbines

Pushpak Jha
Experimental Characterization of Lithium Polymer Battery Charging Cycles During Bilateral Energy Exchange in Power-Autonomous Systems

Patrick Kelleher
Optical Properties of Iodine-Doped Partially Dehydrated Poly(vinyl alcohol) Thin Films

Matthew Ladew
Testing the Validity of a Device to Monitor Activity

Sydney Laramie
Identifying Structure-Property Correlations for Ionic Liquids

Brendan Leach
Diesel Emission Characteristics: Chassis Dynomometer Measurements with a Light-Duty Truck

Owen Manley
Breathing Detection in a Portable Apnia Detection Unit

Mark McCurry
Efficient FPGA Based Subtractive Synthesis Implementation

Christopher McKinney
Biocatalytic Alginate Microreactors for Simultaneous Isomerization and Fermentation of D-xylose for Fuel Ethanol

Mark Minick
Optimizing Aquifer Water Consumption and Maximizing Profit for Strawberry Farmers in Pajaro Valley, California

Ryan Northrup
Metric Spaces, Lipschitz Continuity, Algebras of Function and Bishop's Lemma

Dustin Nuhfer
A Comparative Analysis of Waste Conversion into Oil

Bethann Parmelee
The Use of Landfill Leachate and Waste Heat to Sustainably Grow Algae for Biodiesel

Kyle Perline
A Hybrid Level-Set/Moving-Mesh Interface Tracking Method

Benjamin Ritz
Modeling the Spread of Poryphic Hemophilia

Brandon Rivera
An Exploratory Study on the Use of Phase Change Materials as a Concrete Ingredient for Effective Thermal Management of Building Indoors

Paul Russell
A Physics Based Thermal Circuit Model for FinFETs

Andrew Sheldon
Development of a Mobile Real-Time LIBS Detection Device

Jennifer Sidletsky
Capping of Nanoporous Materials for the Preparation of Fluorescent Biomarkers and Smart-Drug Delivery Systems

Gabrielle String
Feasibility of a Regenerative Breaking System for a School Bus

Daniel Valyou
Structural and Manufacturing Design of a Research Unmanned Vehicle

Brett Walker
The Influence of Mass Transfer on Energy Efficient Distillation Design

Daniel Weiner
Using a Cambered Auxillary Blade to Increase the Lift and Efficiency of a Clark Airfoil

Yijia Zhao
UFPs Generated During Cooking with an Electric Stove