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Summer Research Projects 2011

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Colin Bronchetti
Cleaning Renewable Energy:  The Iron Sponge in a Digester

Jessica Burl
Understanding the Impact of Catchment Basins on Berry Farming in the Pajaro Valley

Andrew Cardin
An Investigation of the Thermal Conductivity of Micron Fibers

Erika Chin
Hydrothermal Vent Chemical Composition Available for Mining in the Presence of Tube worms (R. pachyptila)

Jill Clevenger
Design, Fabrication and Implementationof an Actuator and Cable-DrivenMechanical Whirligig Beetle

Lisa D'Auria
Impact of Land-Applied Dairy Manure on Downwind Air Quality: Particulate Matter and Bioaerosols

Bryan Davidson
Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Systems

Lily Dayter
Synthesis of Vinyl Acetate – Polystyrene Block Copolymers by Using a Single Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization Agent

Khrystyna Dilai
Release of Drug Models from Surface-Eroding Polyanhydrides

Emily Dreisbach
Fishing for Answers: The Synthesis and Study of Jagged3 Clones in a Zebrafish Model

Gerald Frasco
Complex Networks

Katelynn Hackett
A Partial Weight Bearing Reminder Device for Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Kyle Hancock
Effectiveness of Mathematical Models for Surface Tension Calculations in Distillation Processes

Frank Hemsing
Analyzing the Biomechanical Responses of Blindfolded Humans to Large Horizontal Anterior Perturbations of a Sliding Platform

Brian Hilbert
Drag Reduction on Aerodynamic Shapes with Ground Effect

Daniel J. Horn
Optimization of Enzyme Crosslinking for Combined Hydrolysis and Fuel Ethanol Fermentation Applications

Robert Johnson
Ultralight Vacuum Chamber for use in Airship Design

Orion Kafka
Characterization of Fatigue Induced Fractures in Aluminum Foam Using X-Ray Computed Tomography

Matthew Kahabka
Locking Magnetic Particles

Rose Kennedy
Alkali-Activated Concrete: Alkali-Silica Reaction

Alexander Landauer
A Model to Predict Soft Tissue EffectsOn Elbow Stiffness

Nicholas Marshall
Data Mining Applications in St. Lawrence River Ecology

Ian McCrum
The DARIES Model: Modeling Co-Digestion and Multi-Stage Digester Systems

Charles McGuffey
Thermal Effects on Characteristics of Single Junction Silicon Photovoltaic Cells

Nicholas McNulty
The Functionality of Electric Vehicles on the Clarkson Campus

Sarah Mead
Rotating Flows & Cylinders: A Simple Mixing Device

Kyle Perline
Modeling Two-Phase Flows with Surface Tension using the Ghost Fluid Method

Katherine Price
Nano-Physiology of Drosophila Heart

Louis Racette
Visualizing Data in More than Three Dimensions

Benjamin Ritz
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm with Implicit Filtering for Mixed-Integer Optimization Problems

Andrew Salisbury
Transient Wind Behavior Effects on Wind Turbine Power Output

Eric Slaugh
Are Submerged Aquatic Vegetation a Sink for Phytoplankton in the St. Lawrence River?

Ian Smith
Compression of Natural Gas as Use of Wind Turbine Energy

Nateenond Supatpitak
Lift Generation on an Airfoil in a Semi-Closed Pipe

Alyssa Toia
Cognitive Processes Underlying the Attentional Bias towards Biological Threats

Nicole Traphagen
Drug Release Kinetics from Polyanhydrides

Chase Turose
An Introduction to the Benefits of Variable Pricing of Electricity

Brett Walker
Modeling Energy Efficient Distillation Columns while Accounting for Mass Transfer Influences

Ruisheng Wang
Prediction and Verification of Young’s Modulus for a Composite Laminate

Andrew Wegner
Introduction to Proteomics and its use to Identify Serum Biomarkers

Laura Zielewicz
New Template-Assisted Techniques to Produce Superhydrophobic and Superoleophobic Surfaces