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Summer Research Projects 2012

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Christian Ashley
Stepping Over Alligators: Sam Rivers American Life

Amanda Borok
Vertical Farming: Feasibility of Aeroponic Growing Systems

Josh Bunce
Compressive Strength of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash Binder: Influence of Curing Conditions and Activators

Jessica Burl and Shelby Casas
Hunger Games: Ant Edition

Alexandra Cameron and Leah Granger
Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Incorporating Ionic Liquids

Skyler Canute
Determining Wind Velocities with Pressure Sensors

Erika Chin
Ultrasonic Treatment of Aqueous Solutions Containing Aromatic Compounds: Where do Molecules Get Degraded?

Lisa D’Auria
Export of Fecal Pathogens from Manure-Amended Fields through Tile Drainage Systems

Valerie Deane
The Privacy Implications of Browser Cookie Handling

Rebecca Florent
The Binding of Poison Ivy Urushiol using Pi-Pi Interactions

Gerald Frasco
Randomly Generated Social Networks

Thalia Frasco
Portable Colorimetric Paper Sensors for the Detection of Food Antioxidants

Sergio Gallucci
Landfill Leachate's Effects on Algae Grown for Biofuel Purposes

Haley Grassi
Impacts of Manure Spreading Techniques on Downwind Air Quality: Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide

Cassandra Hamann, Michael Lee, and Jacob Misch
Great Belt Bridge Deck Wind Tunnel Experiment

Oliver Hennigh
Fuzzy SIS Graphs

Daniel Horn
Analysis of Shape and Configurational Effects on Nanoparticle Removal by Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Membranes

Johnathon Hoste and Edward Rogers
Removal of Contaminants through Biosand Filters and Constructed Wetlands

Robert Johnson
Safety Systems for a Hydrogen Airship

Orion Kafka
Characterization of Fatigue Induced Fractures in Aluminum Foam Using X-Ray Computed Tomography

Rose Kennedy
Performance of Wireless Underground Sensor Networks

Alexander Landauer
Regional Mechanical Properties Assessment of Cancellous Bone Characterized by Nanoindentation

Kathryn Lawson
Algae Grown on Cow Manure for Biodiesel Production

Jessica Marron
Methodology for Calibrating Meteorological and Hydrologic Sensors

Charles McGuffey and Austin Lund
The Selection Search Algorithm: Cryptographic Protocol Analysis

Nicole Mendelson
Biocompatible Lithography based on Iron(III) Cross-Linked Alginate Gel

Nathan North
Progress toward the Development of a Self-Contained Transfemoral Prosthesis—PCA and Embedded Control

Gabrielle Pawlowski
Environmental Growth Factors to Optimize Biomass Growth Rate and Lipid Content of Chlorella protothecoides Grown in Landfill Leachate

Katherine Price
Glow Discharge Plasma for the Treatment of Colored Industry Effluents

Eric Slaugh
Design of a MATLAB Code for Quality Control and Automated Data Analysis of Meteorological Data

Ian Smith and Emily Canaski
Hydrokinetic Turbines: Redefining Hydroelectricity

Brittany Snyder
Erosion and Release Studies of Polyanhydrides

Chase Turose and Kimberly Oakes
Maximizing Energy Efficiency in Dispersed Large-Scale Internet Data Centers

Ruisheng Wang
Lamb Wave based Damage Detection Method with Piezoelectric Wafer Active Sensors

Alison Wasserbauer
Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria in Manure and Localized Runoff

Spencer Williams
Using Computers to Design a Prosthetic Leg