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Summer Research Projects 2013

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Josh Bunce
Bonding Structure of Alkali-Activated Geopolymers: an FTIR Study

Alex Cameron
Characterization of High Temperature Lubricants

Emily Canaski
On the Use of Plasma Actuators in Class 8 Heavy Vehicle Drag Reduction

Skyler Canute
Integrating Neural Sensing into Exoskeletons

Andrew Cardin
Electrochemical Characterization of Corrosion Processes at Tantalum, Ruthenium and Copper Electrodes for Applications in Chemical Mechanical Planarization

Shelby Casas
Breeding Habitat Differences in St. Lawrence County for Golden-Winged and "Brewster's" Warblers

Lily Dayter
Unveiling Trials Experienced by Siblings of Pediatric Cancer Patients through Playwriting

Sandeep Dcunha
A Comparative Study of Reaction Time at Acceleration Threshold

James Elmer
Progress Towards a Self-Contained Belt-Driven Knee Prosthesis: Electromechanical Design and Preliminary Evaluation

Thalia Frasco
Development of Portable Colorimetric Antioxidant Sensor

Sergio Gallucci
Optimizing Ducted Wind Turbine Design

Amy Hait
Geographic Analysis of Golden-Winged Warbler Habitat

Cassandra Hamann
Characterizing Pressure Distribution Around a Scaled Bridge Model to Determine the Indicial Aerodynamic Functions

Oliver Hennigh
Quantum Walks and Universal State Transfer

Maureen Hoen and Gunnar Blank
Incorporation of Fluorescent Dye into Chitosan-TPP Nanoparticle Cores

Andrew Hou
Computer Modeling of Molecular Dynamics Involving Silicon and Argon

Ameerah Jabr-Hamdan
Degree Structure of Krapivsky and Redner Network Building Method with Redirection and Multiple Connections

Robert Johnson
Airship Viability Study

Orion Kafka
Assessing Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation in Aluminum Foam Using Micro X-ray Computed Tomography

Christopher LaDuca
Eccentric Loading of Cervine Vertebrae

Alex Landauer
Effects of Freeze-Thaw Cycling on Material Properties of Cancellous Bone as Characterized by Nanoindentation

Kathryn Lawson
Golden-winged and Hybrid Warbler Breeding Populations in the North Country

Michael Lee and Andrew Cranmer
Investigating the Spanwise Camber Controversy

Zhan Wen Li
Qualitative Study of Motion Picture Industry from 1990 to 2002

Nicholas Liotta
Duct Generation Strategies for Wind Energy Research

Austin Lund and Adam Scott
A Knowledge Representation for General Use

Hikari Mamata
Analysis of Novel Genes which Control Development and Function of the Intervertebral Disc and its Resident Stem Cells

Kelly Mulvehill
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Silicon

Kimberly Oakes
Using Humanoid Robots with Autistic Children to Improve Social Skills

Dakota Pellegrino
Airfoil-vane Aft Drag Reduction on Class 8 Heavy Road Vehicles

Scotlynne Rieder and Sufia Bakshi
The Effects of Estrogen and Estrogen Receptor Alpha in HPV16-Immortalized, Tumor and Normal Cervical Epithelial Cells

Edward Rogers


Benjamin Roulston
Variations between the Krapivsky-Redner Growing Network Model with and without Bidirectional Links

Erin Ryan
Effect of Air Pollution on Red Spruce Tree Health at Different Elevations

Lauren Smales
Detection of Antioxidants using Iron Oxide

Brittany Snyder
Polyanhydride-Based Drug Delivery Systems: Performance and Cell Viability

Brian Sullivan
3-D Full Wavefield Inversion through MATLAB for Applications in Ground Tomography

Alex Wang
Constructing a Multi-Purpose Solar Powered Station for Rural Areas

Ruisheng Wang
Effect of Aging and Diabetes on Reaction Time

Rebecca Whitman and Brittany Snyder
Surface Eroding Polyanhydrides

Spencer Williams and Brian Kroetz
The Development of a Cable-Driven Robotic Whirligig Beetle

Alex Zehr
Investigating Subglottal Pressure Variation During Phonation Using an Experimental Model