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Summer Projects 2015

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Rebecca Baumel
The Impact of Constitutional Employment Discrimination Provisions on Business Performance

Zander Blasingame
GPU Accelerated Object Recognition

Jonathan Brassard
Arduino-Assisted Positioning Systems Using RSSI Ranging

James Bruska
Heart Rate Detection via the Google Glass

Shelby Casas
Differences in the Season Timing of Song between Golden-Wing Warbler, Blue-Winged Warblers and Their Hybrids in the St. Lawrence Valley

Dana Chapman
Applications of Thiol-Ene Polymers in Shape Memory of Film Formation

Shoshana Chipman
On the Mtion of Hierarchical Mutliplicity LS 4948

Deea Das and Andrew Meier
Characterization of Geopolymer Cement Composition Using FTIR, XRD, and EDS

XuLan Deng
Yersinia perstis Suppresses Dendritic Cell Maturation In Vitro

Louis DeRidder
Generation of supramolecular filamentous peptides capable of delivering siRNA to bone marrow derived dendritic cells

Claire Englert
Comparing HPV-16 LCR Activity in Different Cervical Regions

Emily Fabian
Observing Herbig Be Binary Star MWC 953

Sergio Gallucci
Numerical Simulations of an Electrospray System Ion Emission and Extraction Region

Sean Gauntt
Utility and Energy Harvesting Capabilities of an Additive Manufactured UAV Wing

Leah Granger and Stevin Latimer
Collaborative Learning Models

Spencer Griswold
Characterizing Electron Showers in the MINERvA Test Beam Detector

Ameerah Jabr-Hamdan
The Krapivsky and Redner Growing Network Model with Redirection and Multiple Connections

Nicklas Kenyon
The Use of Interactive Technology as a Medium for Art

Katrina Lane and Alexander Harley
Controlled Multidimensional Structuring of Molecular Nanomagnets in Metal-Organic Frameworks

Michael Lee
Improving Efficiency with Spanwise Camber

Alyssa Leong and Lee Taylor
Creating a Deep Learning System for Iris Recognition

Jianhui Li
Energy and Chemical Dynamics in Pulsed Electrical Channels in Water

Nicholas Liotta
Design and Fabrication of a Novel Pressure Measurement System to Determine the Esophageal Compliance in Tracheosophageal Speakers

Peter Mallery and Morgan Johnson
Electrode Development for Supercapacitors

Matthew McGuffey and Allison Davis
Process Gas Recirculation in Advanced Oxidative Plasma Reactor

Lauren McKeen and Sam Heater
Heart Rate Variability Analysis

Elizabeth Miele and Katherine Slocum
Handling the Relationships Caused by Three Dimensional Grip Vectors

Kimberly Oakes and Sonia Agarwal
The Usability of a Humanoid Robot in a Special Education Classroom

Benjamin Roulston
Spectral and Photometric Analysis of the Binary Hypergiant R81 in The Large Magellanic Cloud

Ian Smith
Deployable Membrane Wing with Application to Micro Aerial Vehicles

Hanson Zhou
How and Why Formica subcericea Form Territories