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Summer Research Projects 2016

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Karim Ahmed and Claire Liu
Logistics of the Supply Chain in the Power Grid of Electric Vehicles

Ryan Azer and Matthew LaDuca
The Design of a 3D Printed Prosthetic Finger for Parial Finger Amputees

Dallas Blowers and Bridget Leyendecker
Foraging in the Food Universe: The Effects of Food and Medical Security in Potsdam and St. Lawrence County

Melanie Cockrell
Modeling Chaotic Laser System as a Double Pendulum System to Optimize Underwater Optical Sensing Capabilities

Deea Das
Confounding of Head Acceleration Measured During Standing Sway by Arterial Pulsations

Alison Davis and Michael Valleau
Rotor Design of Small Horizontal Axis Ducted Wind Turbines

Sarah Duclos and Michael Sanborn 
Regional Variation Of Residual Strain in Bovine Intervertebral Discs

Timothy Dunn 
Using GPUs to Mine Large Scale Software Problem Repositories

John Furcick 
Testing of Directional Horizontal Well for In Situ Treatment of Perfluoalkyl Contaminated Groundwater

Samuel Heater
EEG Feature Extraction and Classification Methods for Analysis of Emotional Response to Music

Steven Latimer and Teagan Grisi
Assessing the Educational Efficacy of the MaxFlight VR 2002 Virtual Roller Coaster

Daniel Long and Michael Ruiz
X2Xs: The Airfoil Data Organization Program

Abigail Matthews
Air Pollution Detection from the Airlight in Images

Lauren McKeen and Jonathon Le
Implementing a Neural Network Framework to Classify the Effect of Music on Bioelectrical Signals

Andrew Meier 
Optimal Design of Smart Damping for Structural Hazard Mitigation and Applications to Traffic Signal Support Structures

Antonio Pagliaro and Michael Chirgwin 
Synthesis and Characterization of Tunable Near-Infarared Plasmonic Nanomaterials

Danielle Piontkowski and Allison Purdy 
Non-Thermal Plasma Reactors

David Russell
Multiple Xbox Kinects to Capture Human Motion and Other 3D Temporal Changes in Form

Ryan Sandroni and Parker Etsy
Treating Oxygen-Deprived Tissue: Strategies to Prevent Cellular Damage from Hypoxic Stress

Robert Schmitz
Design Investigation of the Haptic Paddle

Benjamin Stewart
Thermomechanical Characterization of Novel Latex Processed HNBR Elastomer Nano-Composites

Lee Taylor
A Multi-Camera Microenvironment for Capturing 3D Spatiotemporal Object Transformations

Phillip Tibberts 
Alignment and Deformation of a 3D Model to a 2D Image

Jarek Wierzba
Translating Products into Project plans: An Application of Product Functional Modules

Ana Witkowski
Estrogen Response in Cultured Human Cervical Cells

Mackenna Wood
Analysis of Chemical and Biocatalytic Reactions for a Biomolecular XOR Logic Gate

Hanson Zhou
Completing the Proteome