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Summer Research Projects 2014

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Adam Scott and Jacob Melite

Statistical Methods of User Verifications by Keystroke Biometrics

Aiden Coutin and Nicholas Liotta

Breaking the Limit: Design of a Ducted Wind Turbine

Alexandra Cameron and Deea Das

Bactericidal Mechanism of Plasma in Liquids

Andrew Cranmer

Improved Spark Plug Openings for the Wankel Rotary Engine

Andrew Parkes and Emily Fabian

The Development and Analysis of Ducts as part of the Design of a Ducted 

Annie Helfgott

Role of Psychopathy in Self-Control

Austin Lund

Procedures as a Representation for Word Senses in a Program for Understanding Natural Language

Benjamin Roulston

Design and Implementation of Flat-Field Device for Astronomical Observation Calibration

Brian Nardone

Design of a Low Cost Prosthetic Foot for use in the Developing World

Charles McGuffey and James Bruska

Hardware Accelerator Approach Towards Efficient Biometric Cryptosystems

Chase Turose and Alysa Leong

Analysis of Distributed Generation in the Context of a Real Time Pricing Scheme

Daniel Tierney

Exposure to Programming

Emily Campbell

Redesigning a Pump Control Program and Emergency Alert System

Grace Usher

Gold Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Vehicles

Holly Bronson and Eric Legacy

Accuracy of Activity Monitors

Joanina Gicobi

Identification of Cells from the Cervical Transformation Zone

Jonathan Brassard

The Hartmann Mask: Focusing Made Easy

Kaitlin Dunn

Hybrid Lidar-Radar 2D and 3D Underwater Imaging

Kayla Ray

Active vs. passive fulfillment of the need for autonomy: Interpersonal antecedents and wellness outcomes of two styles of self-determination

Kimberly Oakes

Using a Humanoid Robot to Promote Academic and Social Development of Autistic Students

Kyle Ventura, Jessica Burl, and Xulan Deng

Enhancing Adsorption Properties of Metal-Organic Frameworks Through Post-Synthetic Incorporation of Zwitterionic Entities

Lauren Smales and Sara Bingham

Production of Biodiesel using Liquid Phase Electric Discharge Plasmas

Leah Granger

Design and Assessment of a STEM Mentoring Program for Geographically Isolated Students

Mackenna Wood

The Effect of Distance on Vortex Wall Interaction

Mason Sutorius

Wireless Instrumentation Architecture for Real-time Gait Assessment of Lower Limb Amputees for Clinical Field Use

Matthew McGuffey and Taylor Lenney

Managing Waste by Studying the Inhibition of Anaerobic Digesters by Ammonia

Megan Borland

Proteomic Investigation of Saliva from Patients with Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome (SLOS) and Matched Controls

Rebecca Baumel

Party Group Switching and Which Politicians Are Most Likely to Switch

Sean Gauntt and Patrick Perry

Paper Energy Harvester for Use in a Heel-Strike Generator

Shelby Casas

Golden-winged and Hybrid Warbler Breeding Populations and their Habitat Differences in Northern New York

Spencer Griswold

Development and Assessment of a Multiplatform Programming Component in Introductory Physics

Spencer Williams

Impact Analysis of Energy Absorbing Gel Linings in Football Helmets

Taylor Lenney

The Use of Co-digestion as a Method to Reduce Ammonia Inhibition of Anaerobic Digestion

Comparative Study of Inhibitory Effects of Ammonia through Anaerobic Digestion of Clarkson Kitchen Waste