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Employer Sponsorship

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Employment based Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) status often requires employer sponsorship.  Depending on the type of position being offered, the qualifications of the foreign national and the specific type of immigration procedures required, the University may choose to sponsor or support the application by signing certain immigration documents verifying it is offering the employee a permanent position.

The University's immigration legal coucil will provide legal services to process LPR applications. Faculty and staff may need to pay all or some of the legal and processing fees depending upon the type of process that is persued. The University is required to pay certain fees associated with each application, the employee will be required to pay any remaining costs.

  • Sponsorship must be in the best interest of the University. 
  • Sponsorship for permanent residence does not constitute a guarantee of lifetime employment or of tenure. 
  • The employer files the application on behalf of the foreign national employee and who is liable with regard to the good faith and trueness of the petition. 
  • Sponsorship decisions are based solely on the institutional needs for a candidate’s unique skills and expertise; otherwise, it would subject the University to liability as well as compromise the institution’s reputation.