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About Our Department

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Literature, History, Political Science, Film Studies,

Philosophy, Anthropology, Social Documentation, Gender Studies,

Interdisciplinary Humanities, Social Sciences, and Liberal Studies?

At Clarkson?                  The Audacity!

Defy Convention


Clarkson’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Multiple disciplines under one roof
  • 23 Teacher-Scholars from across the liberal arts who love what they do!
  • Eighty-five Majors and growing!
  • Focused degree programs in American Studies, History and Political Science
  • Flexible degree programs in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Social Sciences and Liberal Studies
  • Challenging, rigorous and exciting courses, research projects, internships, and research opportunities.
  • Excellent career preparation: critical thinking, writing, real world analysis, and the Clarkson career advantage.


Our Programs

History: Specializations in war studies and health and medicine

Political Science: Specializations in food and farm policy, and environmental and energy policy

Interdisciplinary Humanities, Liberal Studies, and Social Sciences

Double Majors in Social Documentation and Arête

Pre-Law concentration

Internship Opportunities in Washington, Albany, and regionally.

Our Curricula
The Common Experience
The “External Field”
Research Seminar
Student Research Conference

Our Students
Broad interests
ROTC, Athletes, interested in the Arts
Interested in social/political issues
Campus activists
Intellectually curious

Our Graduates
Law School
Graduate School
Peace Corps
Social Work
Historic Preservation
Government Service
Military Service

The Clarkson Advantage
The “Can Do” attitude
Small Classes with accessible professors
The BS degree
Clarkson’s Pre-Professional Focus
The Larger Context: Business, Science, Technology
Clarkson’s Commitment to Excellence

For more information contact Bill Vitek ( or 315 268 4424)