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Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Understanding gender and sexuality and their relationship to economic, political, and social institutions

Gender and sexuality informs everything — from our concept of self and our families to the construction of our institutions and societies. Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS), as a concentration or minor, explores both sexuality and gender as concepts that structure power, rather than as purely natural, unchanging phenomena.

GSS helps students recognize the diversity of gender and sexual identities, as well as the organization of sexuality. GSS provides students with opportunities to examine the complexity of human cultures through a number of different theoretical lenses.

Classes that matter

Gender and Sexuality Studies offers courses that ask why we use gender to organize the world, why we care about sexual identities, and how we regulate, practice and imagine sex.

GSS provides critical skills for the job market: analysis, interpretation and evaluation of diverse sources of information; communication skills through written work, presentations, and informed debate; teamwork and leadership training through project-based learning; problem-solving skills developed by regular analysis of case studies; and flexible and creative thinking.

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